Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, observed every year on the second Sunday in the month of May, a very special day celebrated as just another festival worldwide. Since the 20th century, this day we honor our beloved mothers and mother figures for their true dedication primarily towards her family and her contribution in the society too. This is considered to be an annual event globally but it is celebrated at different dates in different parts of the world.

Outside life:
As Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates around the world, it is not declared as a holiday everywhere. As the fact says, it’s celebrated on Sundays so usually schools and government offices experience a holiday by default. This day mostly movie halls go out of seats and restaurants, cafes, hotels remains busy throughout the day .
Nowadays, we also notice youth taking out procession in order to spread the awareness of their overall contribution towards family and society. They play ’nukkad natak’ on the streets so as to pay tribute to the all the mothers worldwide. They also urge others to honor their mothers and uphold the spirit of motherhood.

People show their love and appreciation towards their mothers by different forms especially on this day. Some of the different ways to celebrate Mother’s day include:
  • People celebrate this day along with their cousins and relative by throwing a party dedicated to their mothers as a tribute.
  • Children often gift their mother’s special things such as home appliances or useful gadgets along with cards and flowers as a token of love.
  • Some small families organize a small lunch or dinner by cutting a special cake dedicatedly.
  • People are often seen raising a toast and giving a speech as a showcase of their feelings towards their lovely mothers over dinner or in gatherings or parties.
  • Children also make it special for their mothers by giving her full day holiday from all household work and going for a family movie, sightseeing, lunch to dinner either at home, at a café or at a restaurant.
  • Particularly if children are staying far away, they make a call firstly and by far book a movie seat and dinner for their parents to enjoy the day.
  • Some children are so creative that they write small poems and messages for their loving mothers which becomes a very touching moment and a valuable gift which she treasures for life.
  • Often it’s seen children saving money from their pocket money and buying chocolates, accessories, some special needy thing for their mothers.
  • Working people prefer gifting expensive jewelries, outfits, holiday destination package to their mothers who never accepts a holiday for herself.
  • Other such popular gifts on list specially given by girls include various beauty treatment or spa.


10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Friday, 8 April 2016

Hindu New Year : Celebration in India

Vikram Samvat 2073
Do You Know? Different communities in Hindu celebrate New Year on different dates.
The Hindu New Year Samvat 2073 begins on April 08, 2016. It is celebrated on the first day after the Amavasi (Twilight) in the month of Chaitra.

New Year Festival Celebration In India :

Here is a list of dates for New Year 2016 as celebrated in different regions of India :

Place of Celebration
  1. Ugadi
April 8, 2016
Telugu New Year
  1. Gudi Padwa
April 8 2016
Marathi New Year
  1. Sajibu nongma panba
April 8 2016
Manipur New Year
  1. Thapna
April 8 2016
Rajasthani New Year
  1. Navreh
April 8 2016
Kashmiri New Year
  1. Cheti Chand
April 8 2016
Sindhi New Year
  1. Puthandu
April 14, 2016
Tamil New Year
  1. Pohela Boishakh
April 14, 2016
Bengali New Year
  1. Bohag Bihu
April 14 2016
Assamese New Year
    10. VaisakhApril 14 2016Punjabi
    11. Maha vishuva Sankranti /
          Vishuva Sankranti
April 14 2016Odisha
    12. Vishu
April 15, 2016Malayalam New Year
    13. DiwaliOctober 30, 2016Gujarat

New Year 2016 Hindu Calendar :
Here is a list of month names as per Hindu Calendar and its approximate mapping to Gregorian Months :

Indian Month Name
Approximate Gregorian Month
  1. Chaitra
  1. Vaisakha
  1. Jyestha
  1. Asadha
  1. Sravana
  1. Bhadrapada, Bhadra
  1. Asvina
  1. Kartika
  1. Agrahayaṇa, Margasirsa
  1. Pausa
  1. Magha
  1. Phalguna

  1. Maha Shivratri 
  2. Holi Festival of Colours
  3. 8 Essential Skin Care Products to Use This Holi
  4. 5 Must Use Hair Care Products On This Holi
  5. 10 Delicious Dishes To Serve On Holi

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Stay Healthy And LiveHighTech

"World Health Day"

April 7th, of every year is celebrated as ‘World Health Day’ worldwide.

Every year, The World Health Organization (WHO) organises various events and programs both nationally and internationally, mainly focusing on spreading awareness among the people at large towards the importance of global health, its issues, concern and required steps for prevention. 
Under the control of WHO there are programs organized by the NGO’s, government, non- government and other health organizations at many places mainly in the schools, offices and around the common crowd to target more number of people. Here, activities are carried on the topic of ‘Health’ like debates, essay writings, exhibitions, etc. along with the award ceremony in the presence of press and media to spread the knowledge to the large area and fulfill the aim of the ‘Health Day’.

Here is a list of Top 10 Health Articles by LiveHighTech:

1.    Eyecare for Computer Users : These days almost everyone have computer at home. From work to social networking, computer is used for variety of reasons. Sometimes we get so much involved in computer that we forget to take breaks. Eyes are the most affected due to continuously looking at the computer screen for hours.

2.    How To Stay Fit Healthy And Active At Work : In today’s busy world hardly people take out time for themselves and this has been one of the most discussed problems faced by numerous people around the globe. People who work sitting for long hours on the office desk, it gets very difficult for them to balance their work and life. Long hours of sitting and working makes our body restless, worsen our health and it even spoils our body figure and posture.

3.    Healthy Summer Tips : Take care of yourself by having healthy diet, doing exercise, sleeping well and drinking lots of water. Take extra care of your hair, skin and eyes during summers. Let’s enjoy this summer to our fullest, looking cool and stay fit & healthy always.

4.    Unequal Power of the Eyes : When nature has bestowed its love to the world by providing beauty, at the same time it has also given us a pair of eyes to witness the same. Thus, if any problem occurs in your eyes do not delay or hesitate to have a checkup or consulting an eye specialist.

5.    Cup of Green Tea for Healthy You : Anything that makes you feel good, healthy and active is the best thing to start your day with. Me too prefer a cup of tea in the morning. But the point is, is this cup of tea healthy? Well, there are varieties of tea available in the market but the healthiest of all is - The Green Tea.

  6.    Acidity Gas Problem Home Remedies : Acid is produced in our stomach for digestion of food that we eat. These acidic liquids are important to break down food we consume, but excess & shortage of everything cause problems. 

7.    White Teeth- Home Remedies : It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure”. Here are some tips for both prevention and cure to keep teeth white, mouth odor free & clean.

8.    Way to Health clubs : Today, there are many health clubs in our city whose main focus or say they have set their eyes on the client's money instead of client's health issues. Nowadays, it's more like a business thus, it's important to think twice before opting health clubs.

9.    Tips on Stress Control : Hey All, Many of you must be having ‘Stress’ due to many reasons, for instance - job related, friends & family life, financial stress, relationship issues, etc. Having Stress is good to a certain limit but it is the excess of it that harms.

10.    Coconut Oil for Overall Healthier You : From healthy for eating to our body (skin, hair, appearance, fighting disease etc.), coconut has wide variety of benefits. We present a variety of ways in which you can make use of Coconut oil to get overall benefit. These benefits are proved from various studies and people who used it.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

10 Refreshing Drinks For Summers

Specially for summers. We Present Some Refreshing & Thirst-Quenching Drinks. Countdown Begins... To Satisfy Your Thrist In No Time :

10. Cold Coffee

9. Thandai

8. Banana Shake

7. Iced Tea

6. Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices

5. Bel Ka Sharbat (Wood Apple Squash)

4. Aam Panna (Raw Mango Drink)

3. Lemon Water

2. Jaljeera

1. Mango Shake


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Monday, 4 April 2016

Top 15 Ted Talks on Marriage & Divorce

Divorce is on high rise in India. We present here some of the Ted Talks for improving your married life in order to stay away from divorce. Both the partner is responsible for the longevity of the relationship and also to the break ups.
Understand that all relationship depends upon countless factors, but your actions, words and thoughts undoubtedly play a role.

Relationship introspection is a tried and tested method that helps the couple to grow in a relationship personally and mend the strong bonds again. It also helps you to find out your flaws and work on them. For carrying out introspection what else will be better than planning a holiday. Holidays are a lot more than giving after all. 

If you are finding your relationship messy, if your romance has turned up to the breakup drama, if what you have tried on your own is not working and at last you thinking that maybe he/she is not the one for you and you might be happier with someone else...and after all such issues you finally decide to call for a divorce...

Watch out these Ted Talks which may help you uncover the key to long-lasting relationships.

1. *The Person You Really Need To Marry*

2. * Why Happy Couples Cheat *

3. * The Marriage Hack *

4. * The Sacred Cows of Marriage & Divorce *

5. * Marriage 2.0 *

6. * The Sex-Starved Marriage *

7. * Surviving Divorce *

8. * What You Don't Know About Marriage *

9. * The Mathematics of Love *

10. * Step Against Domestic Violence *

11. * The Secret Desire In A Long-Term Relationship *

12. * Select The Right Relationship *
13. * Why We Love, Why We Cheat *

14. * Cancel Marriage *

15. *A Five Star Practice for Creating Beautiful Relationships *

Stay Inspired.