Helpful Android Apps

Android Applications for making life easier :

Hello everyone,
I am going to share applications on my Android phone with their purpose. I have all applications which consume as little space as possible and are best in their respective categories too.

Clean Master - Free Optimizer
I am using this app for past one year and I found it to be great. It helps in cleaning junk files, boosting memory, app manager. Best part is it automatically notifies whenever there is any junk to remove or if device needs quick boost.
Buzz Launcher
I am using this app for past 6 months and found it to be very customizable launcher satisfying all my needs.
Buzz Widget
I use this app along with buzz launcher to make customizable widgets. I made a clock widget with all types of information of day ;)
Life Reminders
Its a alarm app which can be used to set alarms with reminder texts and set repetitive alarms. I have set alarms like exercise time, meditation time, time to sleep & get up alarms...
NewsHunt : India News | eBooks
I am using this app for a long time now, and found it to be best having a wide range of newspapers to read in variety of languages. It has a nice user interface & you can set notification of breaking news too ;)
Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl)
Its a good alternative to QuickPic Android app which I found to take a lot of memory, though QuickPic App has better user interface.
Its good photo gallery app but I discontinued to use it because it took a lot of memory though I like its user interface.
Sygic India Navigation & Maps
Its a great app for everyone looking for offline maps. Its easy to use and provides lots of information and has GPS support too :) The only disadvantage of this app is it required lots of memory space! and obviously if you want offline maps, you need to store a lot of data.
Zomato - Restaurant Finder
Its another great app for people who like trying new eating places. Its a must have for travellers.
3D Compass+ (AR Compass)
Though I don’t use this app much but I keep it for emergency use and best part it don’t consume much of memory too.
AirDroid - Best Device Manager
Its a must have app if you want to control your phone content using wiFi. To-do List & Task List
I found it to be really helpful to manage daily to-do list and easy reminder. But now in place of this app I am using ColorNote App along with Life Reminder App as these two apps combine to provide many more features.
ColorNote Notepad Notes
Its a must have app with a variety of features like notepad, calender, reminder, check list etc.
Its a must have app for password locking your applications. It allows pattern passwords too.
Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
Its also a must have app for security of your personal pictures, sms and videos.
Automatic Call Recorder
Its super cool app and must have to record automatically all incoming and outgoing calls.
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)
I dont use this app now because of less memory space, but I liked this app as it does what it says.
JuiceDefender - battery saver
Its another battery saver app which I liked but dont use it any more because of the space it consumes. & I personally dont like keeping apps for such purposes as I try saving battery myself using various battery saving tips.
Best Apps Market - for Android
BAM is a very good android market application which makes easier to explore new applications. It shows Free/Reviewed/Personalised Applications.
Fetch - Apps You’ll Love
Its another good android market appliction which have attractive feature that you can search more apps similar to what you already have. I found this feature to be pretty useful for finding better alternatives of apps requiring less memory.
Birthdays for Android
Its hard for me to remember so many special dates. I found this App to be very helpful for reminding me birthdays of my friends. I even use it to save other special events.
BookMyShow-Movie Tickets, Plays
Its handy app to check out movie timings in nearby cinemas.
bSafe - Personal Safety App
Its a must have app for all girls to keep self safe. It has a variety of features like share your location, fake call etc.
Box is cloud storage application that gives 20GB of free storage.
Google Drive
Its another famous cloud storage application.
Camera360 Ultimate
Its a must must have app with all the features one wants in camera app. I cant live without this app.
Photo Grid - Collage Maker
A perfect Collage Maker App with lots of options available. Its a must have app for photography lover people.
ConvertPad - Unit Converter
Its easy to use all in one unit converter app. Though I use very rarely.
Daily Yoga - Better LifeStyle
Its a too good app for doing yoga daily and trying variety of pose.
Delhi Metro Navigator
Its a must have for people living in Delhi, India. It is very user friendly and gives all information of routes in delhi metro along with fares and time it would take to reach destination.
Diet Point : Weight Loss
For people looking forward to lose weight and can follow diet schedules as per given in app.
It takes small amount of space and helps in checking which app is actually consuming your space and what in that particular app is taking space ;)
Doctor At Home
Its a must have app. It has variety of home remedies for you to become doctor at home ;)
Dolphin Browser
I don’t use Google Browser because its heavy on memory, ram and I am very particular about security. I found Dolphin Browser to be best uptil now and using it for a long time.
Drippler - Top Android Updates
Its a must have application for everyone who wants to stay updated with new android techs and apps.
Its also a cloud storage application which offers features like easy sharing of files, edit doc, save email attachments to dropbox etc.
Elixir 2
I use this app to have instant access to all important apps and important informations directly from my notification area. It has variety of other customization options too.
English Dictionary - Offline
Its offline dictionary which is best with lots of features including synonyms, word of day widget, pronunciation etc.
Its all in one note app which is widely used. Though I dont use it now because colorNote and pocket apps does its task for me and dont want unnecessarily same featured apps to take up my phone memory.
Expense Manager
Its good app for people looking forward to note their monthly expenses.
Eye Test
Its a one time must try app to test your eye ;)
Its also must have to keep me in touch with my friends and new updates.
If you are feeds lover and want an alternative to discontinued google reader then its for you :)
Flipboard : Your News Magazine
Its another beautiful app for reading news related to variety of categories like fashion, lifestyle, hobbies, technology etc.
Financial Calculators
Its all in one finance related calculation app. It also allows you to calculate appropriate tip amount ;)
I like flipkart service and reliable products.
Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons
For shopaholic people looking for great deals online.
Hanuman Chalisa
Best hanuman chalisa app for your android phone ;)
Hindu Calender
If you want to have instant access to hindu tithis or want to see your kundli, its good app with all information you need with cool widget.
Houzz Interior Design Ideas
Its one of the best apps for people looking for home design ideas. You can checkout their online site too if you dont want to install app. You can even subscribe to their newsletter to get different interior design ideas right in your inbox.
IMDb Movies & TV
Its meant for movie lovers.
Makeup Mirror
Its best makeup mirror app out there. But I prefer using camera app directly instead of separate app for mirror.
Memoires: the Diary
Its best app for writers or even people who want to save their diary entries etc. safe locked by password. Its multi-purpose app which also has backup options.
Memrise - Learn Any Language
Its best app for those who want to learn new language or improve their english vocabulary. Though I prefer using their site than their app because it requires internet access to use it.
Vocab Builder
Its another good Vocabulary building app which is light on memory space too.
Mobile Security & AntiVirus (Avast)
Its best and must have app for android phone security. It automatically scans new apps installed and is easy to use.
So you like memes? why not create your own memes. This app has a variety of fun options to make animated memes etc. A must try app.
MX Player
Its a must have android video player app.
If you want to connect to internet using your phone data plan, then its the way to go.
Its a good app but I prefer using its website than to have separate app for it.
I am having this app from starting and I recommend this app to everyone. Its a must have handy app to save all different articles from various sources in one place.
QR Code Reader
For those of you who want to scan QR codes, its best app out there.
Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga
Its a must try app. It has a wide variety of soothing sounds. You can even mix various sounds.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator
Its best calculator out there with a variety of features.
SOS Whistle
For all the girls who cant scream out loud in need, this whistle will do it for you ;)
Stitcher Radio for Podcasts
For all podcasts lovers and those who like listening to audio news.
Umano: Listen to News Articles
Its another good podcasts lover app.
Must try app which shows coolest variety of articles from web.
Sweet’N’Spicy - Indian Recipes
Its a must have app containing variety of recipes to try from.
ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers
Its good to try app with variety of cool ringtones and wallpapers waiting for you to download.
Workout Trainer
Its a must try app with thousands of free workouts and premium workout programs. It helps in reminding you of doing workouts.
WomanLog Calendar
Its a must have app for all girls. It helps in logging Menstrual cycle, predicting next date and notifies too for the same.
Wheres My Droid
It helps in find your phone app if it gets lost.
WhatsApp Messenger
Its a must have messaging app which is very widely used these days.
Its official twitter application meant for twitter users.
TrueCaller - Caller ID & Block
Its a must have app to know track who is calling you and who is behind unkown numbers. You can even block calls using this app.
µTorrent® - Torrent App
For those who want to run torrent download in their phone itself, its way to go.

Addictive Android Games to try :

Daddy was a thief
Candy Crush Saga
Cut the Rope
Diamond Dash
Dreams of Pixel
Fruit Ninja Free
Pudding Monster
Garden Mania
Paper Toss
Robo5 : 3D Action Puzzle
Run Cow Run
Reversi Free
Slice It!
Subway Surfers
Temple Run
Temple Run 2
World of Goo Demo

Do share in comments below your experience with these apps and suggest alternative apps :)