Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, observed every year on the second Sunday in the month of May, a very special day celebrated as just another festival worldwide. Since the 20th century, this day we honor our beloved mothers and mother figures for their true dedication primarily towards her family and her contribution in the society too. This is considered to be an annual event globally but it is celebrated at different dates in different parts of the world.

Outside life:
As Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates around the world, it is not declared as a holiday everywhere. As the fact says, it’s celebrated on Sundays so usually schools and government offices experience a holiday by default. This day mostly movie halls go out of seats and restaurants, cafes, hotels remains busy throughout the day .
Nowadays, we also notice youth taking out procession in order to spread the awareness of their overall contribution towards family and society. They play ’nukkad natak’ on the streets so as to pay tribute to the all the mothers worldwide. They also urge others to honor their mothers and uphold the spirit of motherhood.

People show their love and appreciation towards their mothers by different forms especially on this day. Some of the different ways to celebrate Mother’s day include:
  • People celebrate this day along with their cousins and relative by throwing a party dedicated to their mothers as a tribute.
  • Children often gift their mother’s special things such as home appliances or useful gadgets along with cards and flowers as a token of love.
  • Some small families organize a small lunch or dinner by cutting a special cake dedicatedly.
  • People are often seen raising a toast and giving a speech as a showcase of their feelings towards their lovely mothers over dinner or in gatherings or parties.
  • Children also make it special for their mothers by giving her full day holiday from all household work and going for a family movie, sightseeing, lunch to dinner either at home, at a café or at a restaurant.
  • Particularly if children are staying far away, they make a call firstly and by far book a movie seat and dinner for their parents to enjoy the day.
  • Some children are so creative that they write small poems and messages for their loving mothers which becomes a very touching moment and a valuable gift which she treasures for life.
  • Often it’s seen children saving money from their pocket money and buying chocolates, accessories, some special needy thing for their mothers.
  • Working people prefer gifting expensive jewelries, outfits, holiday destination package to their mothers who never accepts a holiday for herself.
  • Other such popular gifts on list specially given by girls include various beauty treatment or spa.


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