Thursday, 7 April 2016

Stay Healthy And LiveHighTech

"World Health Day"

April 7th, of every year is celebrated as ‘World Health Day’ worldwide.

Every year, The World Health Organization (WHO) organises various events and programs both nationally and internationally, mainly focusing on spreading awareness among the people at large towards the importance of global health, its issues, concern and required steps for prevention. 
Under the control of WHO there are programs organized by the NGO’s, government, non- government and other health organizations at many places mainly in the schools, offices and around the common crowd to target more number of people. Here, activities are carried on the topic of ‘Health’ like debates, essay writings, exhibitions, etc. along with the award ceremony in the presence of press and media to spread the knowledge to the large area and fulfill the aim of the ‘Health Day’.

Here is a list of Top 10 Health Articles by LiveHighTech:

1.    Eyecare for Computer Users : These days almost everyone have computer at home. From work to social networking, computer is used for variety of reasons. Sometimes we get so much involved in computer that we forget to take breaks. Eyes are the most affected due to continuously looking at the computer screen for hours.

2.    How To Stay Fit Healthy And Active At Work : In today’s busy world hardly people take out time for themselves and this has been one of the most discussed problems faced by numerous people around the globe. People who work sitting for long hours on the office desk, it gets very difficult for them to balance their work and life. Long hours of sitting and working makes our body restless, worsen our health and it even spoils our body figure and posture.

3.    Healthy Summer Tips : Take care of yourself by having healthy diet, doing exercise, sleeping well and drinking lots of water. Take extra care of your hair, skin and eyes during summers. Let’s enjoy this summer to our fullest, looking cool and stay fit & healthy always.

4.    Unequal Power of the Eyes : When nature has bestowed its love to the world by providing beauty, at the same time it has also given us a pair of eyes to witness the same. Thus, if any problem occurs in your eyes do not delay or hesitate to have a checkup or consulting an eye specialist.

5.    Cup of Green Tea for Healthy You : Anything that makes you feel good, healthy and active is the best thing to start your day with. Me too prefer a cup of tea in the morning. But the point is, is this cup of tea healthy? Well, there are varieties of tea available in the market but the healthiest of all is - The Green Tea.

  6.    Acidity Gas Problem Home Remedies : Acid is produced in our stomach for digestion of food that we eat. These acidic liquids are important to break down food we consume, but excess & shortage of everything cause problems. 

7.    White Teeth- Home Remedies : It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure”. Here are some tips for both prevention and cure to keep teeth white, mouth odor free & clean.

8.    Way to Health clubs : Today, there are many health clubs in our city whose main focus or say they have set their eyes on the client's money instead of client's health issues. Nowadays, it's more like a business thus, it's important to think twice before opting health clubs.

9.    Tips on Stress Control : Hey All, Many of you must be having ‘Stress’ due to many reasons, for instance - job related, friends & family life, financial stress, relationship issues, etc. Having Stress is good to a certain limit but it is the excess of it that harms.

10.    Coconut Oil for Overall Healthier You : From healthy for eating to our body (skin, hair, appearance, fighting disease etc.), coconut has wide variety of benefits. We present a variety of ways in which you can make use of Coconut oil to get overall benefit. These benefits are proved from various studies and people who used it.