Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Women's Day Special

Let’s celebrate Feminism.

International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8th of March, every year. Many of us know how much women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievements thus, celebrating Women’s Day is actually an honour, which the whole world give to the women around the world. Our actual idea is to raise awareness for women's equality.

Today, let’s celebrate Women’s Day with some great efforts to honour them and help them by taking the initiative and contributing our every possible bit in their mission to accomplish and to help them lead life freely and happily. It's important to give women a position equal to men.

If you want to honour them by contributing your small bit and you are confused as to what to do?

Here, I have some ideas stored for you to make HER feel special:

For guys out there at workplaces : Go get all your female friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc out for a lunch, brunch or maybe dinner and let them know by telling them how they mean a good person to you or thank them for their co-operation.

Help needy, poor women or girls : Collect essentials or basic stuff like clothes, blankets, toiletries, books, stationery, etc and food from people living near your area or organising a camp for donation and provide them with essentials and feed the needy people living in slums or villages.

Get personally connected to a poor, needy girl who wants to get educated for example and help her by donating an amount of your wish for her future studies.

Launch a self defence education school for girls in villages and slums to help them protect themselves in time, along with your gang.

Collect fund and construct a toilet : Along with your friends or society members, you can also invest some amount of money and help a poor village or slum area females by constructing one toilet with attached bathroom and water supply and help them providing hygienic place for use.

Organise a talent programme : Along with your group, you can visit poor villages and organise a talent hunt programme and inspire and motivate talented women and girls to maybe get proper training and women interested in cooking can start catering & tiffin supply services or business in the nearby city, etc.

For all the women close to your heart, make them feel special by following some simple and easy tasks like below:

Write to her : Write something heart-touching to any lady who is the near & dear one to you and send her with some beautiful and fresh flowers.

Make your better-half feel special : Wanna make your girlfriend or better-half happy and make her feel special? Take her out to a date or long drive and tell her how much you respect her more than you love her and you wanted to take the opportunity of this special day for her to let her belief that you will protect her, respect her and love her.

Do You have your daughter too ? Then make it special by arranging for a terrace party or candle light dinner in your dining area or outdoors. Party staying at home and add ‘a cherry on the cake’ by showing your cooking skills and serving them delicacies you made it your self.

If you are living in a joint family : All you guys should take the initiative to help the ladies at home in their work or the other way just for a day give them a holiday and spend time together enjoying party.

Give them gifts : Gift your daughter or small sister a poetry book or a novel with motivating and inspiring message stored in it.

The most important thing is you decide solly how you going to honour your loved ones in life and how you going to donate some time of your day to help the poor women who are in need of a motivation and a small help to get on a track of earning their life by their own in-built talent. You just have to be a God’s sent friend to give them a push and a hand on their shoulder to get them going.

Feel good within yourself too.

Pamper your loved ones to the fullest on this day and you will get more love and respect than usual in return from them. Same way if you help an unknown, needy women you will surely gain true blessings from her and from God above for helping the poor. Remember, we learnt in our school days- ‘Serve Poor, Serve God’. You can get her love in the form of a sister, friend, beloved, wife or a mother. So friends please respect HER. She is a women. She isn’t weak at all, she has so much strength in her that sometimes even amazes and shocks a man. She has the capacity to smile even while she feels like screaming out loud. She has the potential to shine like a star and stand out in the crowd of millions. Someone said it true, that life has no existence without a strong ally in ‘Woman’ in every stage of life.So friends please respect HER, she is a Women.


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