Monday, 4 April 2016

Top 15 Ted Talks on Marriage & Divorce

Divorce is on high rise in India. We present here some of the Ted Talks for improving your married life in order to stay away from divorce. Both the partner is responsible for the longevity of the relationship and also to the break ups.
Understand that all relationship depends upon countless factors, but your actions, words and thoughts undoubtedly play a role.

Relationship introspection is a tried and tested method that helps the couple to grow in a relationship personally and mend the strong bonds again. It also helps you to find out your flaws and work on them. For carrying out introspection what else will be better than planning a holiday. Holidays are a lot more than giving after all. 

If you are finding your relationship messy, if your romance has turned up to the breakup drama, if what you have tried on your own is not working and at last you thinking that maybe he/she is not the one for you and you might be happier with someone else...and after all such issues you finally decide to call for a divorce...

Watch out these Ted Talks which may help you uncover the key to long-lasting relationships.

1. *The Person You Really Need To Marry*

2. * Why Happy Couples Cheat *

3. * The Marriage Hack *

4. * The Sacred Cows of Marriage & Divorce *

5. * Marriage 2.0 *

6. * The Sex-Starved Marriage *

7. * Surviving Divorce *

8. * What You Don't Know About Marriage *

9. * The Mathematics of Love *

10. * Step Against Domestic Violence *

11. * The Secret Desire In A Long-Term Relationship *

12. * Select The Right Relationship *
13. * Why We Love, Why We Cheat *

14. * Cancel Marriage *

15. *A Five Star Practice for Creating Beautiful Relationships *

Stay Inspired.